Necklaces from Greek designers, inspired from Ancient Greece.

They are placed in a grey case, and they are all available in dark-silver, silver and gold.

The collection comes to portray a different perspective in jewelry making, inspired by ancient Greek elements and aims to showcase the ancient Greek culture with a contemporary touch.

The collection 

Εlia’ Necklace |  According to Greek Mythology,  Athens got its name after the goddess Athena and the god Poseidon competed to deliver the most useful gift to mankind. Poseidon donated a splendid war horse. Athens bestowed an olive tree on the city, whose fruit was nourishment and whose oil could be used as food, medicine, unguent and fuel. Athena won, and so Athens took her name.

Helios’ Necklace | According to Greek Mythology, Helios is the offspring of the titans Hyperion and Theia. His sisters were Selene (the Moon) and Eos (Dawn). He was thought to ride a golden chariot which brought the Sun across the skies each day from the east (Ethiopia) to the west (Hesperides).

Sofia’ Necklace | inspired by the owl, the Ancient Greek symbol of wisdom.

Helios Virgina’ Necklace | inspired by the Sun of Virgina 4th-century B.C.

Exelixis’ Necklace  | inspired by the Antikythera Mechanism

Ostomachion’ Necklace  | inspired by the ancient Greek game but also a mathematical problem, the Ostomachion, attributed to Archimedes.

Gift Suggestions

Our Necklaces may be offered as a welcome gift at an event or to an incentive group. They are also a great addition in a business gift that may include some of the following choices: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kalamata Olives Tapenade, Kythera’s Oil Barley Rusks.


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