Mugs Deep Blue Greece Porcelain

A mug is ideal as an addition in a corporate gift that includes honey and one of our herbs.


  • Deep Blue Greece Pouch or Burlap pouch or Gift Box, inside thyme honey, mountain tea or herbs (chamomile, sage, verbena, crunchy olive oil cookies


Coasters Deep Blue Greece 4 items | Dimension: 9×9 | Thick glass | Transparent case

Coasters are ideal to complement a corporate gift that includes a herb as above or wine.


  • Wooden Crate with wine, pistachio nuts from Aegina P.D.O., Kythira’s olive Barley rusks, olive tapenade


Place Mat with Evil Eye | Paper| Set 20 items | 45×29

Place mat is an original idea to accompany a basket.


  • Metallic Basket, place mat, Deep Blue Greece coasters and mug, Flower and Thyme Honey, Greek coffee or filter Bio, Crunchy olive oil cookies, hazel cookies.

Wooden Tray

Original packaging to be offered as a welcome gift in a hotel room, with greeting products or as a corporate gift packaging


  • Tray with natural blue cosmetics Ocean Bliss, Neroli, Golden Plum
  • Tray with Aged Tsipouro, shots, Aegina Pistachio Nuts, Kythira’s olive Barley rusks

Photo frame

Photo frame in a Burlap case with Deep Blue Greece ‘Keep your memories alive’ card.

A unique gift for travelers to place their best memory from their visit to Greece.

Gift Suggestion

  • Photo frame in a burlap pouch binded as an envelop with a little evil eye


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