In Naturally Greek, Christmas is our favorite time of the year and every year our collection becomes more and more enriched with interesting festive choices that express the warm and happy feeling of these days. Butter Cookies (butterscotch), sweet delights (stick for warm chocolate, chocolate bars, caramelized pop corn) traditional sweets (kourabie, melomakarona) aromatic drinks, mix for warm wine are some of our suggestions to jump-start your Christmas mood. In combination with our basic product line and several Christmas giveaways (lucky charms 2019, ornaments, coasters) our goal is to inspire you to design a memorable gift for those you wish to honor.

A gift’s first impression is meant to dazzle the recipient. For a Christmas gift the expectations are much higher of course! Decorated pouches with ornaments & wonderful ribbons, with Xmas and festive printings and magnetic closing, boxes with Christmas printings, baskets, crates or wooden boxes are some of our original packaging ideas! In all our packaging there are custom choices for a logo or a message.

A Greek wine or a liqueur from our collection is the ideal accompaniment for a festive gift. The wines that we suggest come from beloved and acclaimed producers and in our catalogue there are interesting recommendations of traditional spirits and liqueurs from all around Greece such as tsipouro, aged tsipouro, mastic or cinnamon or herbal liqueurs etc.

Contact us to forward you all of our Christmas presentation with: various business gift suggestions for all budgets, our extensive product collection and our packaging choices, so that your present will have the form and the feeling you wish. We look forward to share with you our ideas!