Scentless or aromatic candles that may be offered separately as a business or conference gift. But also appropriate for events, weddings, groups, and hotels | Ability to print company logo and a message.

Candle of the Deep Blue Greece line with evil eye | 6×8 Aromatic Candle with honey and lavender |  8×8  Aromatic Candle Vanilla & Cinnamon 410gr  with a cover Burning time: 30h

Gift Suggestions

Candles are a nice complement in a gift package

  • Blue-white Deep Blue Greece pouch with a glassy Evil Eye, Deep Blue Greece candle, Magical herbs of Olympus BIO, Mastic Cookies and Mastic Liqueur
  • Linen beige bag, Aromatic Candle Lavender & Honey, Lavender Soap, Aromatherapy lavender eye pillow with custom logo.


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