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Greek Philosophy

Language: English – Ancient Greek

Classical Greece, the miraculous age of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, was a turning point for the humankind. A refreshing breeze seemed to blow from Ionian coast westwards, stirring man into awareness. For the first time in history, philosophy and rational thought emerged from the mythological dream-world, freeing the human spirit and triggering a cultural evolution which, within the next two thousand years, would transform our species more radically than the previous two hundred thousand had done. The sole purpose of this little book is to provide small, juicy bits and snapshots of the Greek philosophic thought, that remain as pertinent and well-timed as ever. The coexistence of the “original” Ancient Greek Language with the English one, targets to inspire the readers so as to seek more, as lovers of wisdom, the true meaning of the world philosophy.

Greek Proverbs

Language: Ancient Greek – New Greek – English

Faced with the ups and downs of life, love and fortune, the ancient Greeks shrugged their shoulders and quoted -or created- an apt proverb. The best of these nuggets of wisdom and observation have never been forgotten. Here they are presented, earthy, direct, sharp and vivid as when they were first uttered. Each proverb is given in the original Greek and the English translation, providing the perfect gift book for all lovers of Greece. Ancient Greece was a rich source of proverbs. This book provides a selection of the best and most typical proverbs, in Ancient and Modern Greek as well as in the English language.

Aesop in Business

How does the “The Shepherd and the Wolf” highlight the merits of truthful communication? In what ways does the “The Hare and the Tortoise” encourage entrepreneurs? Hoe does “The Jackdaw and the Doves” advocate the need for a business philosophy? How does “The Wolf and the Old Woman” illuminate the benefits of active listening? Why does openness blossoms through “The Winter and the Spring” allegory? How does “The Traveler and Mercury” commend the social role of a business? Covering all aspects of human conduct, the wisdom that is embedded in the Aesopian myths, extends naturally to the world of business. And just as in life, so in business every Aesopian myth becomes a timeless ethical hint.

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